RA Installation

Course Content for RA Installation

Subjects Content Duration
Basic Knowledge (Theory) Inverter Air Conditioner 2 hr
R32 Refrigerant
Before Installing the AC
Installation location
Material Needed for installation
Piping Works
Wiring Works
Installation Work Flow
Tool needed including R32
Practical Installation Hands On Installation Training 12 hr
Closing Example of cases of installation failure 2 hr
Total duration – 2 days

Assessment for RA Installation

Scope of Assessment Method Percentage
Safety Safety knowledge Oral Test 10 %
Skill Flaring skill Hands On 20 %
Wiring skill Hands On
20 %
Practical Practical Installation Hands On 40 %
Theory Basic Knowledge Paper Test 10 %
Total duration – 1 day


Upon completion of the course and pass the examination, the candidates will be awarded

ACCT Certificate



Upon registration, all trainees will be given a working jacket

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